Waste treatment

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Nothing in this world is waste, we need to convert it to wealth.

One family of 4 people creates 25 kg of Plastic waste, 20 Kg of electronic waste and 300 kgs of kitchen waste per year. Think now a town with 50 million population what this town is generating, where and how to provide proper treatment and dispose of the waste safely without causing environment impact.

Presently we are disposing of house waste, society waste in front of other villagers causing no of human and environment health issues.

Sunirmiti committed to provide solution to this day by day growing problem converting waste into wealth in the form of manure, In the form of recycling, in the form of decomposing, in the form of resources to the needy people.

Collection of Ewaste, Plastic waste and old clothes periodically – Recycle and reuse it for the needy poor people.

Garbage Composting unit- Provide E2E solution to kitchen waste by creating manure and periodically supply it to the farmers or sold it in the market.

All the above will help to reduce the environment pollution and making our mother earth green.

Facility management

End to end facility management which includes  management of solid waste, wet waste generated in the society.

Solid waste includes plastic waste, electronic waste,paper,corrugated boxes,old furniture, other items etc.

Wet waste includes garden waste,kitchen waste etc.

Study the resources used by society and implement solutions to reduce,reuse and recycle them.

Provide a facility to manage and run the entire system so that society becomes self sustainable and green.

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