Rooftop Solar

If you are considering renewable energy to cut down electricity bills or to do your bit for the environment, a rooftop solar solution is the answer to your needs. If your existing business premise has ample space to install rooftop solar, we offer you customized solar power solutions as per your needs to help you realise your business goals

Installing a rooftop solar power plant will substantially bring down your energy costs since solar tariffs are lower than prevailing grid tariffs. Moreover, it helps you to monetize your existing area, like rooftops or parking area, by enhancing its value. So, are you ready to make the switch?

Is your business ready to go solar?

Before you commission Sunirmiti Solar to design and install a rooftop solar plant installation, you must first evaluate the feasibility for setting up a rooftop solar plant on your existing roof.

We offer you turnkey solar solutions, right from designing and installation to maintenance, leaving you free to focus on your core business. All that is required is access to your unused roofs, and we’ll do the rest. However, before you commission a rooftop solar power plant, there are a few feasibility checks that you need to carry out. You can conduct these yourself or we can send our expert to check.

Shadows: Is the rooftop free from large obstructions and the resulting shadows? Ensure there are no large trees, buildings or billboards that can hamper the path of direct sunlight. Dust: Is the area free from dust, pigmentation, haze or particulate matter? Is the site easily accessible for periodic cleaning and maintenance? Load carrying capacity: Check the load carrying capacity of the roof before installation. You might need to bolster the roof to take on the weight of the heavy technology used.

Engineers at Sunirmiti Green energy solutions will evaluate the location of your onsite solar system installation thoroughly before recommending a customized solution. We will come up with an innovative solution that will fulfil your requirements while meeting safety and regulatory compliances.

Whether you are looking to install ground mount solar or rooftop solar solutions in India, Sunirmiti green energy solutions is one of the leading solar developers in pune. At Sunirmiti, we are committed to offering you the best onsite solar system solution for your needs.

Frequently asked Questions
Area required?

1 kWp solar system requires approximately 10 sq. m (or 100 sq. ft) of shadow free area. Therefore, one 1 MWp (1000 kWp) solar system would require 10,000 sq. m / 1,00,000 sq. ft / 3 acres of shadow free area.

Solar panel mounting?

Solar panels will be mounted on high-quality aluminum structures, which will be fixed onto the roof sheets.

Is it possible to mount the panels without drilling the holes in the slab?

Yes, if the roof sheets belong to the standing seam segment, then solar panels can be installed without penetrating the roof. If not, then penetration is necessary, although precautions are taken to prevent leakage by using proper washers and bolts. Installation on RCC roofs does not require any penetration.

What is the approximate cost of solar net metering.

For 1 KW system – Rs 85000/-

For 2 to 4 Kw system- Rs 65,000/ per kw

For 5 to 8 Kw System- Rs 60,000/ per kw

For 8 to 15 Kw system- Rs 55,000/ per kw

For 20 to 50 Kw system- Rs 47,000/ per kw

How much is the subsidy available:

Upto 10 Kw Rs 14,100 per Kw

For more than 10 kw Rs 13,000 per kw


Nothing in this world is waste, we need to convert it to wealth.

One family of 4 person creates 25 kg of Plastic waste, 20 Kg of electronic wate and 300 kgs of kitchen waste per year. Think now a town with 50 million population what this town is generating, where and how to provide proper treatment and dispose of the waste safely without causing enviornment impact.

Presently we are disposing out house,society waste in front of other villegers causing no of human and enviornment health issues.

Sunirmiti commited to provide solution to this day by day growing problem converting watste in to wealth it the form of mannure, In the form of recycling, in the form of decomposting, in the form of resources to the needy people.

Collection of Ewaste, Plastic waste and old clothes periodically – Recycle and reuse it for the needy poor people.

Garbage Composting unit- Provide E2E solution to kitchen waste by creating manure and periodically supply it to the farmers or sold it in the market.

All the above will help to reduce the enviornment pollution and making our mother earth green.